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High Performance Distributors

Dramatic improvements, not just because of a great module and coil, 

but because they've been designed to work as a team to produce these results!



Experts agree that good HEI ignition systems Rely on a good module and a good coil. 

We believe that the Combination of a Great Module and a Great Coil 

makes our Flame-Thrower distributor the Best. 

We've engineered our module and coil to work together, 

to provide you with superior ignition performance on the street or track.

Compare the Flame-Thrower High Performance Module and Coil to an 

Original GM HEI distributor and you will find these improvements:



Operates without misfires up to a minimum of 7500 RPM, nearly 3000 RPM higher than most enthusiast report with their original HEI



Produces 67% more energy in the coil Spark breakdown time (the amount of time until the spark plug has enough voltage to spark) is 45% faster resulting in more accurate timing throughout the RPM range  



Delivers twice the energy across the spark gap (during a one millisecond burn time) Spark duration and more energy to the spark allows wider plug gaps (.050" - .055") increasing flame kernal growth

One Year Limited Warranty


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